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35 years in the USA from daytime show in 1975. 27 years for current nighttime show that has aired every season since September 19 1983

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Q: How many years has Wheel of Fortune aired?
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How many versions of Wheel of Fortune have been aired around the world?

Besides the current Syndicated Nighttime Wheel of Fortune there is the cancelled USA Daytime Wheel of Fortune and there have been over 60 International versions of Wheel of Fortune. That figure is including the ones that have been cancelled or have not yet aired. 16 different Wheel of Fortune shows are currently being aired around the world

Was let's make a deal or wheel or fortune older?

Let's make a Deal was started years before Wheel of Fortune, but has been cancelled many times over the years and has had far fewer episodes

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When did Wheel of Fortune start on TV?

The earlier daytime show originally aired around noon depending on your timezone. It was a network show and for many years was on during the daytime even after the current nighttime syndicated program series started

How many people watch Wheel of Fortune on TV?

Wheel of Fortune typically averages 27 viewers every week.

How many Wheel of Fortune shows a year?

About 200 new episodes are taped for each new season of Wheel of Fortune.

What did Billy Joel mean with Wheel of Fortune?

In the song We didn't start the fire he named a number of important events over the Baby Boom years and the Wheel of Fortune number one syndicated spot for so many years earned it a place in the song

Did anybody curse on Wheel of Fortune?

yes many

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How many Wheel of Fortune episodes are filmed a year?


How many episodes of Wheel of Fortune have there been?

The nighttime syndicated show started on September 19 1983 has had over 5,200 episodes (as of March 2010) according to the related link on Wheel of Fortune. This figure does not include the Daytime Wheel of Fortune episodes that are said to be more than another 4,000 additional episodes than ran between January 6 1975 and September 20 1991.