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The letters can be used to spell the 8 letter words antipope, impotent nominate and ointment. They spell the 7 letter words appoint, maintop and patient. They also spell the 6 letter words amnion anoint, inmate, intent, mitten, nation, notate, patent, potent, potpie, teapot, tenant, tenpin, tinman, tiptoe and tiptop.

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Q: How many words can you get out of appointment?
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What is the Guide words of appointment?

Open your dictionary and look.

What words contain the letters app?

apply appointment slappy happy appear appease

Has an appointment or have an appointment?

That depends on who has the appointment, for example:I have an appointment.You have an appointment. (singular)He has an appointment. (the third person, singular uses the verb 'has')It has an appointment. (the car, perhaps)We have an appointment.You have an appointment. (plural)They have an appointment.

How many times has an appointment to cabinet been rejected?


Is 'a parents only appointment' correct?

It should be "a parents-only appointment", if you mean an appointment that is for parents only. When you have two words acting as an adjective before a noun, you need a hyphen between the words so that the meaning is clear. For example, "two-word modifiers" means modifiers that consist of two words. However, "two word modifiers" could mean two ordinary adjectives (like red and blue), since each could be considered a "word modifier".

Is He has an appointment or he have an appointment correct?

He has an appointment is correct. He had an appointment is the past tense

How many syllables are in appointment?

There are 3 syllables. Ap-point-ment.

Do you have online appointment?

There are many agencies that allow a customer to make an appointment online. The department of motor vehicles uses an online system for appointment bookings that gives preferential openings to those with appointments. We use BookMyCity for our online appointment scheduling system. Saves us lots of time and customers love it.

What is a sentence for the word appointment?

We have a doctor's appointment tomorrow.I will make you an appointment to see Mr Crawley.

How many men were on the committee appointment to write the declaration of independence?

56 :) signed it

How many committee members must approve cabinet appointment?


What is the plural of appointment?

The plural of appointment is appointments.