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Q: How many words can be create using alphabets you i d n v h s e?
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How many words are in the greek alphabet?

There are no words in any alphabet. Alphabets are, by definition, a set of symbols representing sounds, not words.

How many alphabets are there in Canada?

There are many alphabets used in Canada, but officially there are only 2: the English and French Alphabets.

How many words with a long e sound can you create by using only meantime?

exactly 6

How many alphabets are there in PAN no?

If you are talking about the letters of the words "PAN no", there is only one alphabet used: the Latin alphabet.

Which alphabets do not have symmentry?

ALL alphabets lack symmetry because they are composed of many different letters.

Why did the Phoenician alphabet impact on many civilizations?

It became the basis of the Greel and Latin alphabets, and so of our alphabets today.

How many letters are there in the Japanese alphabets?


How many letters are there in kannada alphabets?


How many symmetrical letter in alphabets?


How many fundamental different alphabets are there?

There is no exact count, because it's hard to define what a fundamental difference is between alphabets, but a rough estimate is in the neighborhood of 100 natural alphabets, and thousands of constructed ones.

How many characters are there in Russian alphabets?

33 Letters

How many numbers are of alphabets in German language?