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For the shoes every win you get 10% and every lose you get 4%

For the suit you get 6% and every lose you get 2%

For the Lava mask you get 4% and every lose you get 0%

For the Fiery Helmet you get 2% and every lose you get 0%

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Q: How many wins do you need to get a fire suit in clubpenguin?
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Do you need to get the fire suit to get the water suit?


How do you get fire in your flippers on clubpenguin?

You have to become a fire ninja. This is how you do it when you're a fire ninja: 1. Get all of the fire suit on 2. Press D 3. If step 2 doesn't press W 4. You're done! Fire should come out of your flippers.

Were do you get a clown suit on clubpenguin?

You can not get it anymore..... But you could if you hacked.

How do you turn invisible on clubpenguin without being a member?

is to wear a invisible suit

What is after the fire suit?

The water suit

How do you make fire with the fire suit on club penguin?

you put your fire suit on then you press D on the keyboard!

How do you get the ninja suit on clubpenguin?

To get ninga suit you have to have your BLACK belt challenge sensie become a ninga win in battles and there ya go you'll get the ninga suit the more you play and win!

What is the price of a NASCAR fire retardant suit?

A NASCAR fire retardant suit can cost about $140.

How do you get the water suit easy in clubpenguin?

there's only one way and its hard (aspecially if your computer is slow!)

Can you beat fire sensei without the fire suit?

IDK maybs, i think u need to purchase a card pack to get more powerful cards

How do you get the knight suit on clubpenguin?

quest 1: solve all the puzzles during the medieval party quest 2: defeat the fire breathing dragon to win piles of cash (members only) (im a member!!)(i beat it!!))i love money)

What is the best way to get your fire suit on club penguin?

Get a Black Belt,Then Become a member,Then go to the ninja hideout,Then click on the map with a fire semble on it go though the door.(You may have to buy a specal neckless) See Fire sense. And click Earn your Fire Suit. Then keep playing on Earn your Fire Suit button to earn your fire suit! Happy Playing