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There are snow golems and iron golems.

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Q: How many types of golems are there in Minecraft?
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What are golems in Minecraft?

Golems are creatures made out of inanimate matter. In Minecraft there are Snow Golems, which can be made by placing a block of snow on top of another, with a pumpkin on top, and Iron Golems, made from a T shaped block of four iron blocks, with a pumpkin on top.

Do iron golems spawn during peace in Minecraft?


What do iron golems eat in Minecraft?

They don’t eat

Can you build an iron golem in minecraft xbox 360 edition?

i am in belief that you can not make any types of golems in minecraft xbox 360 edition but it may be possible to make a snow golem. iron golems as far as i am aware of would require a villager nearby to fight aggressive npcs.

What golems can you make in minecraft xbox 360 edition?

You can only make snow golems on Minecraft XBox 360 Edition P S S P-Pumpkin S-Snow

Can snow golems on minecraft throw snowballs?

Yes they can and they will always do it when attacking.

What do iron golems eat on Minecraft?

Iron golems dont eat anything. the only way to get them to spawn is to have a certain amount of villagers, they cant breed or eat.

Do the Endermans and Creepers hate each other in minecraft?

err no the only things in minecraft that hate the endermen are the players the wither and iron golems

Do mobs take fall damage in minecraft?

Most do, some do not. Spiders do not, neither do Iron Golems.

How do you make a golden golom on Minecraft?

a golden golem is not a actual thing. if your thinking about skydoes minecraft. That was a mod you might want to try the more golems mod it has golden golemd

How many types of trees are there in Minecraft?


What are all the animals you can find on minecraft?

well at this moment 1/12/2013 there are Pigs Sheep Cows Chickens Wolves Squids Ocelots aka cats Villagers I am not sure if Snow Golems and Iron Golems count but might as well mention them