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41 matey

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Q: How many tvs showing al asads speech are in cod4?
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What is better to play on xbox live Halo 3 or cod4?

id say cod4 cause you have so many levels you can reach

How many copies of cod4 have been sold around the world?

20 mllion and counting

What game should I trade in for battlefield three?

CoD4 or MW2. CoD4 is full of pretty fun mods and MW2 is mostly legit. Don't get WaW because there are TOO many modders there. Don't get MW3 because there are TOO many n00bs there. *Don't trust Canadians*

In call of duty 4 during training how many times do you have to throw the potatoes at the general for him to shoot you?

There are no training sessions involving potatos in COD4

Can you play call of duty 4 multi player against PC and ps3 owners?

No, not with cod4. Although this feature has been added to many games.

Which style of art avoided showing too many small details?

Impressionism avoided showing many details.

How can i unlock the look sharp achievement in COD4?

To earn it, you must find 15 enemy Intel in the game. You can find many guides on websites such as youtube that will help you with this achievement.

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The word "speech" has one syllable.

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The word showing has two syllables. Show-ing.

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Many bars, such as Hooters, will be showing boxing.

What is gathering speech?

The Speech in which you adress to a Gathering ( many people )

How many syllables does the word speech have?

The word "speech" has one syllable.