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i ain't tellin

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Q: How many times can you talk to a villager before they get angry on acww ds?
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What do villagers pictures say on acww ds?

They can say different things, depending on the villager.

What villagers picture is the hardest to get on acww ds?

There is no villager that is harder to get a picture from. They are all the same. You just need to be friends.

Do all villagers give you presents on your birthday on acww ds?

No, only one villager.( the present is a b-day cake and you cannot eat it)

What is the largest fish a villager can catch for the fish tourney on acww ds?

the biggest fish you can catch is a ocean sun fish and the second biggest is a shark... (HOPE THIS HELPED!)

What is the largest bug a villager can catch for the bug off on acww ds?

actually it is a Chinese oak silk moth which is 280 mm and you can find it at summer time at eveninghope this helps!!!!!!!!

How do you find a cat in your town in ACWW?

You can have a cat as a villager, but you can also have Katie or her mum kaitlin, and they just wonder around every where (Katie is crying and kaitlin is wairing a green apron). Bezzie Jezzie

Is there aliens on acww?

There are no aliens on acww but there is Gulliver and he thinks his an alien.

Can you catch a hedgehog on acww?

You can't catch hedgehogs on acww.

Can have a baby on ACWW?

no you cant have a baby on acww but you can buy a pram with a baby in it

What happens when you open a gift or letter when you are supposed to deliver it on acww ds?

If you open a gift or letter on Animal Crossing Wild World the person you were supposed to deliver it for will be very angry.

Do you get a birthday cake every year on acww ds?

Yes, you can but only one person will give it to you. Step out of your house and there will be a Villager waiting for you. Talk to him or her and they will present you with the birthday cake. Trust me, I have done it for twenty years. I Time Travelled!

When you transfer a character from animal crossing wild world to animal crossing city folf does it transfer permanently?

If you mean "Will the transferred ACWW player go away forever from the game after transferring to ACCF?", then no. Your ACWW player will still be in your DS game. The player transferred to City Folk will only have your hair, face and eyes from your ACWW character. Nothing else, so in ACCF your character will have to get through a long way before it is exactly like your ACWW character.