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usually i did it and it hatched at 4054 steps

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Q: How many steps to hatch a lileep in Pokemon platinum?
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How do you hatch girl Pokemon on Pokemon Platinum?

You must walk a number of steps in order to hatch it. The gender is random.

How many steps to hatch a elekid egg?

In PokeMon Platinum The Answer is 5301

How many steps does it take to hatch a riolu egg in Pokemon platinum?

around 10000 steps

In Pokemon platinum how many steps does it take to hatch a cranidos egg?

It takes 7,680 Steps to hatch a Cranidos. And it hatches faster when you have a Pokemon with the ability Flame Body

How many steps does it take to hatch egg Cynthia gives you in Pokemon platinum?

It takes 2719 steps to hatch the egg. It contains a togepi

How many steps to hatch a magby egg?

In Pokemon Platinum it takes approx. 6613 +/- 30 steps.

How long does it take to hatch a staryu egg in Pokemon platinum?

It Takes 5100 Steps to Hatch Staryu EGG

How do you hatch riolus egg in Pokemon platinum?

Carry the egg in your party for approx. 6,400 steps

How long does it take to hatch a egg in Pokemon Platinum?

it depends on the Pokemon inside of the egg. if it is a rarer Pokemon then a usual Pokemon (ex. bidoof) than it will take more steps to hatch the egg. these are on Pokemon platinum: starter eggs(chimchar,turtwig,piplup): 5,355 steps starly egg: 4,080 steps bidoof egg: 4,080 steps buizel egg: 5,355 steps eevee egg: 9,180 steps manaphy egg: 2,805 steps phione egg(manaphy+ ditto): 10,455 if you want to know how many steps it takes to hatch another Pokemon, go to: this website has the whole platinum pokedex, along with all the info available for every Pokemon in sinnoh. it also has access to the national pokecex, and the pokedexs of the other versions of Pokemon. it also has plenty more, along with pictures and video walkthroughs.

How long does it take for a egg hatch in Pokemon platinum?

your mom goes to college!!!!!!!!!!!!! Actually, it's somewhere btwn 2500-4500 steps, it all depends on the Pokemon you wanna hatch.

In Pokemon platinium can get Pokemon eggs to hatch faster?

In Platinum, you can have the egg in your party with a Pokemon that has Magma Armor or Flame Body to halve the amount of steps you have to take

How many steps does it take to hatch a bad egg in Platinum?

Bad eggs generally dont hatch. Somtimes they'll hatch into another bad egg, other times they'll hatch into a glitch pokemon.