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Q: How many soul calibur games are there?
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Where do you get soul calibur in soul calibur 3?

its the default weapon of siegfried

Will Soul Calibur 4 be on the Wii?

No, Soul Calibur Legends is on the Wii instead.

Is there soul calibur game in psp?

yes. soul calibur broken destiny

I am a huge fan of Xianghua from the Soul Calibur series and I was wondering if the Soul Calibur characters star in their own individual video games with their own stories and adventures?

im sorry but no they dont, you can enjoy the games by themselves.

What is the Embrace of Souls?

the embrace of souls is the state where soul edge and soul calibur are in when Soul calibur inpales soul edge

Is link in soul calibur?

only on gamecubes soul calibur not on xbox xbox has spawn

How do you get Nightmares Soul Calibur?

Nightmare's Soul Calibur = Soul Edge How to obtain: Clear Story Mode with Nightmare.

Amy in Soul Calibur IV?

Amy is in Soul Calibur iv, if that's what you're asking. She is also available as an unlockable bonus character in Soul Calibur 3

What is Soul Edge?

The Soul Edge is a legendary weapon from a fighting game called Soul Calibur. It is locked in an eternal clash with the Soul Calibur; in this clash, the Soul Calibur represents benevolence, the Soul Edge malevolence. All the characters considered "good" are fighting for the Soul Calibur, while the characters fighting for the Soul Edge are "evil".Like the Soul Calibur, it has the ability to take the form of whatever weapon its holder uses.

Is link realiy in Soul Calibur?

only on gamecubes soul calibur not on xbox xbox has spawn

What games have Behemoth made?

i think they made soul calibur 2 3 and 4

What service is provided by Soul Calibur?

Soul Calibur is not a company that offers services. It is a game series published by Namco Bandai Games. The series itself is a fighting game, that offers a huge roster of characters.