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110 legitly.

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Q: How many skill points can you get in diablo 2?
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How many skill points do you get in diablo 2 lod?

That varies on what class you are and what quests you choose to complete. On average you have about 100 and 105 is you play the entire game, get to level 99, and beat hell level.

Which character in diablo 2 has conviction aura skill?

The Paladin

How do you roll your health in diablo 2?

Your health is determined by the number of points you assign to it on the character screen.

Dog wars skill points?

You can get skill points in two ways: 1. Buy them with biscuits. 2. Level up quick to gain 2 per level.

What do you do after you get the hieroglyphics on sims 2 castaway?

The hieroglyphics are logic skill points so they add to your logic skill points.

How do you get torches in diablo 2?

There are no torches in Diablo 2

Do you need to download diablo to download diablo 2?

No, Diablo I has nothing to do with Diablo II.

How do you be diablo in diablo 2?

you dont

Can your computer run Diablo 2?

Diablo 2 is an old game now, Windows 7 and Vista often struggle to play older games. However there are many patches online that can get not only Diablo 2, but even the original Diablo running on modern systems and Windows 7.

Can you play diablo 2 without diablo 1?

yeah man diablo 2 is a totally different game than diablo 1

Where are the 5 mechanical skill points on sims 2 ds?

Skill points are found in different places, at different times of the day. There is no telling where they will turn up. for more information, go to and look for The Sims 2 walkthrough, skill points calender.

How can you get Annihilus on diablo 2?

Annihilus is a charm dropped by Uber Diablo on Diablo 2. To get the item, you will have to kill him first.