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nine seasons like Dragon Ball Z becase it is dragon ball z but its aried in Japan and it deletit scenes

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Q: How many seasons of DBZ Kai will there be?
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How many dbz seasons are there?

There are 9 DBZ Seasons and as far as i know there are 2 DBZ GT seasons

Is dbz over?

no, they are making dbz Kai and a dbz af in June

What episode does Mecha Frieza get destroyed by Trunks in DBZ Kai?

DBZ Kai episode 56

How many types of Dragon Ball seasons are there?

there are 9 seasons to DBZ

Where online can you watch DBZ Kai?


What are all different dragon ball series?

there is dragonball, DBZ, DBGT, and DBZ Kai

What episode of dbz Kai does goku get sick?

Dragon ball kai episode 60

Will there be new dbz episodes?

nope there is db Kai

What day will dbz Kai air?

on may 24

What is super saiyan trunks power level?

100000000 in dbz gt what part all what version you asked? example dbz kai dbz gt dbz dbz af and more.

When is Gogeta going to make an appearance in DBZ Kai?

Gogeta will not be making a debut in DBZ Kai, as Dragon Ball Z Kai is based on Dragon Ball Z by Akira Toriyama. Gogeta is a fanmade character.

Is there going to be a new dragonballz series?

yes there is a dbz Kai