How many pokeballs are there?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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1- pokeball

2- great ball

3- ultra ball

4- safari ball

5- dive ball

6- dream ball

7- love ball

8- heavy ball

9- park ball

10- friend ball

11- master ball

12- repeat ball

13- luxury ball

14- premier ball

15- cherish ball

16- dusk ball

17- heal ball

18- net ball

19- quick ball

20- timer ball

21- level ball

22- nest ball

23- moon ball

24- lure ball

25- sport ball

26- fast ball


1- GS ball

2- dark ball

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Q: How many pokeballs are there?
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How many pokeballs do you need to catch zapados?

Depends on what kind you use.

Is it fair to duplicate pokeballs?

yes and then u can catch more pokeballs.

Where do you buy pokeballs?

u find pokeballs in the pokemart. hope this helped!

How do you get a premier ball?

buy 6 pokeballs BUY 1O POKEBALLS MISTER

Where can you get pokeballs in the game pokemonvolcano?

Actually you cannot buy any pokeballs in Pokemon volcano!

How can you catch Reshiram on Pokemon black if you don't have any pokeballs or an action replay?

buy pokeballs!

Where to find ether in Pokemon ruby?

You can find ether in pokeballs. Just look for pokeballs and you will find.

Where can you get pokeballs in Pokemon Emerald Version?

Pokeballs can be purchased from marts, or obtained from item balls or NPCs.

How many pokeballs do you need to catch heatran?

You need 21 ultra balls to catch Heatran

Are there pokeballs in super smash brawl for Wii?

Yes, pokeballs are one of the several different items available for use. There have even been some Pokemon added to the list that can come out of the pokeballs. ;o

Do foam pokeballs open?


What do you buy pokeballs with?