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in story mode 2 in online mode 2/4

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Q: How many people play skylanders spyros adventure?
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How many chapters are there in skylanders spyros adventures?

I believe 28 chapters are in skylanders

How many skylanders spyro's adventure levels are there?

there are 22 chapters

How many people play skylanders?

about 100 people play skylanders

How many times can a skylander level up in Skylanders Spyro's adventure?

A Skylander can go up to level 10, and you can reset its level in the Skylanders info.

How many skylanders games are going there going to be?

Well, right now there are 7: Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure (2011) Skylanders: Spyro's Universe (2011) Skylanders: Cloud Patrol (2012) Skylanders: Lost Islands (2012) Skylanders: Battlegrounds (2012) Skylanders: Giants (2012) Skylanders: Swap Force (2013) Skylanders: Trap Team will be the 8th game, releasing on October 5, 2014.

How many skylanders are there to collect on binweevils?

There are 8 skylanders GIANTS to collect! people

How many players can play Skylanders spros adventure?

you can only play with 2 players unless it is on the 3ds which is only 1 player.

What Are skylanders?

The Skylanders people are the characters that can be found in the Skylanders video game. The game is played by placing toy figures on a portal and playing with them through a video game.

How many skylanders are there in all?

There are 32 skylanders in all.There are also 4 location pieces and 8 magic items

How many chapter in skylanders giants?

there is 17 or more not less than 17

How many levels are there in skylanders?

200 billion

How many chapters are there in the skylanders video game?

there are 30 chapters in skylanders and its when your like in a fire place and you have to deactivate a machine and destroy kaos