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It is impossible to give an exact number, since many players are not registered, but as of 2014 there were over 100 million registered users.

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Q: How many people play minecraft on all platforms?
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Is minecraft popular now?

One million people play is simultaneously across all platforms.

Can you play Minecraft on the Nintendo DSi?

No. Minecraft is only available on PC and Android platforms.

Who plays minecraft and wnats to be my friend?

Many people all around the world play Minecraft. To find friends to play with, you should create a Minecraft blog.

How many people can play on minecraft at one time?


How many people in the world play Minecraft?

Over 8,000,000 and counting.

How many people can play minecraft xbox 360?


How many pepeple play Minecraft?

14,622,189 people have bought a Minecraft account. And, it will continue to rise. Over 10,000 people buy the game a day, on average.

How many players on minecraft can play at the same time?

How ever many you want if you want to you could play with 100 people if you wanted too.

Is there a server for people who don't have a premium account for minecraft?

No but you can play Minecraft Classic

Who is the bajancanadians?

BajanCanadian is a minecraft Commentator that play various Minecraft mini games. His real name is Mitch and many many Minecraft fans idolise him.

How many people play minecraft on computer?

Not really a question. If you mean "How many out of ten people play Minecraft", then you just need to divide the amount of people who own minecraft (8,006,809 currently), and divide that by the world population.

What percentage of the world play Minecraft?

Today, 14th of Juny, 2011, a bit over 2.5 million people have bought the game. But I believe there are almost as many people playing minecraft illegally as those who play it legally. Therefore, about 5 million people in total. The total population in the world is about 7 billion. So... About 0.07% of the world play Minecraft.