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Less than 2 Million but almost 3 million.

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Q: How many people play combat arms as of 2011?
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What is better combat arms or soldier front?

It is up to you to decide which one is better. Combat arms has better graphics and is more realistic while soldier front has better game-play. People who play soldier front will say that soldier front is best and people who play combat arms will say combat arms is best. Infact, there are many more games like combat arms and soldier front that copy counterstrike. Cross Fire is an example.

How many gigs is combat arms?

about 2.5 gigabytes to 3, it was 2.5 from 2008, now in 2011 it has had many patches sao maybe about 3

How many people play fire team on combat arms?

less than 3 million :D

How many applications are there combat arms?

Combat arms takes up at least 2-5Gigs. So i would say at least 300-700 files

How many soldiers are combat arms?

over 2 million players...

Does combat arms rock?

It has great graphics, has so many guns, it is by nexon and is awesome!

How many military personnel does it take to support one combat soldier?

Of 10 troops, it would take about nine of them to support one combat troop.

Does steadyhand hack?

yes he does Steadyhand of combat arms has downloaded many MPGH hacks Soruce:

How do you combat pitbull law?

There are people that put up groups to combat bans in many areas. Join them.

How many people play combat arms?

about 14 milion. the number is so high probably because Nexon team work hard and giving the player amazing updates and new weapons every week

How many americans were killed in combat in vietnam?

58200 people

What other games are there besides Maplestory?

you can find many games. like audition,mabinogi,combat arms,sugar rush,dungeon fighter and much more.