How many people play Garry's Mod?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Lots. If you want a specific number you're going to have to write a very complex and probably illegal program to trace them all.

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Q: How many people play Garry's Mod?
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Can you play garrys mod without a valve game?

no because garrys mod requires that you have a game that uses the source engine

Can you play LIVE on garrys mod and meet other people?

Yes. It is a multiplayer game.

Is Garrys mod for the internet?

Yes, you can play online multiplayer.

How do you play garry's mod no downloads or buying?

i want to play garrys mod no downloading and no buying

How do you get a garrys mod 10 patch when you have garrys mod 9?

Buy Garry's mod 10 off of steam.

Play garrys mod four rell?

goto droay two dirr

Can SteamBans be used to protect Garrys Mod Servers?

Yes because you can't play Garry's mod without steam.

Can you play garrys mod single player without internet?

Yes, In "Offline Mode".

Do you need hl2 to play garrys mod?

Not specifically. You need a VALVE game to play Garry's Mod, one of which could be Half-Life 2.

Is there a garrys mod 11?

technically yes, there were a few updates it is still called Garrys mod 10 though

What is the newest garrys mod?

Garry's Mod 10

Can you play garrys mod for free?

gmod 9, yes gmod 10-no