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four people

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Q: How many people can play cod zombies offline?
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Can you play call of duty zombies maps offline?

Yes, you can play it offline

Can 4 people play nazi zombies on ps3 online?

Yes. Offline no

Can you play nazi zombies if you're offline?

Yes. Up to four people.

Can you play black ops zombies offline?

yes just go to zombies than splitscreen

Can you be offline to play zombies on call of duty black ops?


How do you play 4 player zombies on Black Ops?

you can play 4 player on zombies (black ops) but not offline you must play only nazi zombies i just found out sorry :)

Do you have to have an broadband connection to play zombies on black ops?

no you can play solo offline but you will need broadband iff you want to play multiplayer can play split-screen offline though

When you have Zombie mode on ps3 where do you go to play it or where do you play it offline?

Solo, Mission Select, Nazi Zombies, choose which map.

Can you play 4 player on Call of Duty 5 Nazi Zombies on one console?

No. You can only play 2 player zombies if you play offline.

Does Call of Duty Black Ops ds have zombies?

Yes you can play online or offline for online play go to multiplayer then fined a mach for solo single player go down to zombies

How many people can play Plants vs Zombies?

Over one billion people play plants vs zombies including me and my uncle

Can you play 2 players zombies offline in call of duty black ops?

Yes. If you use the same system, that is