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Technically, there are 11. But the first mission is a cutscene that introduces you to the Noble team. The main campaign is the 9 missions after the campaign. The last mission is a fun little survival mission, where your spartan dies. At the end of that mission, you can see Master Chief landing in the background, which is where "Halo" started.

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Q: How many missions are there in halo reach campaign?
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How many levels are there on Halo wars?

There are 15 total campaign missions.

How many levels in halo reach campaign?

Halo Reach technically has 10 levels, one of which is just a cutscene, so 9.

How do you show how many credits you are getting during the campaign in halo reach?

you need to turn on scoring.

Is Halo 3 fun?

halo 3 is really fun. you have to buy it. halo reach is coming this fall 2010. halo 3 is awsome with xbox live. you can kill so many things and the campaign in fun. you have to buy it

How many levels are in halo 4 campaign?

50 levels which will take the average person 12 hrs

Can you play as an elite in halo reach?

Yes, you play as the Arbiter in certain halo 2 campaign levels. I believe there are mods too. You can also select Elita as a character model in halo 2 multiplayer.

How many copies of halo reach have been sold?

halo,halo 2,halo 3,halo3 ODST,halo wars,halo reach

Is MW2 better than halo reach?

This is a matter of opinion it depends on what you like Modern Warfare 2 is a more fast paced couple shot kill game. Halo Reach is a little slower and isn't a game where you shoot two to three times and the player dies. It is really different in many other ways though. ANSWER : It doesn't matter about shooting , its the campaign and multiplayer. The campaign is great for Halo Reach and more action while the multiplayer is also great . The ranking for Halo Reach is hard work. MW2 is just duck and shoot in my opinion

How many players can play campaign on halo reach?

Over XBOX Live, there can be at the most four people playing one campaign session. On a single XBOX 360, only two people can play at the maximum.

How many missions are there on Halo combat evolved anniversary?


How many players can play halo 1 campaign?

Up to two players can play in the Co-Op Campaign mode on Halo: Combat Evolved.

How many people can play halo reach example custom games campaign etc?

In the BTEA there is 4 player split-screen, but that is all that is announced. But like all other Halo games there will probably be 4 player max on campaign, and 16 player max in custom games and matchmaking.