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24 masks.

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Q: How many masks are there in majoras mask?
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Can you do the moon on majoras mask without all the masks?

Yes, but you will not get the fierce diety mask.

How are masks macic?

Umm... Well in majoras mask, majora makes the masks magic by her evil. hope this helps ^-^

How do you get adults mask on majoras mask?

there is no adults mask but there is a fierce deity mask. You get it by playing all of the kids games on the moon. Also you need to have all the masks in the game to get it, thats very important.

Can you switch shields in majoras mask?

No, the equipment screen has been replaced with a 'MASKS" screen. Any upgrades to equipment will stay.

How do you get majoras mask in Zelda majoras mask?

You can't really get majoras mask even if you could you would get it by the time the happy mask guy wants it back

How do you get the fierce deity mask on majoras mask?

Obtain all normal masks. Then, have the giants stop the moon from falling. When on the moon, some...interesting people will take your masks when you play with them. When you don't have any more masks, talk with the guy wearing the majora's mask. No one wants to play with him. When you talk with him, he'll mention how you have no more masks to play with. Then, he gives you the infamous Fierce Deity Mask.

Does majoras mask 2 exists?

No majoras mask is the second ocarina of time

How do you get majoras mask in the Legend of Zelda majoras mask?

You don't really get it

Does majoras mask have an after game?

Sadly, there is no 'after-game' to the Majora's Mask. Once you defeat the game, the only thing left to do is collect all of the masks if you haven't already collected them all.

How do you you get a membership in Zelda majoras mask?

You get Romani's Mask.

How do you keep the fierce deity mask?

Once you do get it from the majoras mask kid in the moon you must defeat the majoras mask and you MUST watch the credits all the way to the end once it says THE END and the sarias song stops playing reset or turn off your N64 then reopen your file you will notice the mask will say 24, now check your masks notice there right in the bottom right corner is the fierce deity's mask.

How do you get the cafe mask in majoras mask?

There is no mask titled 'Cafe Mask' in Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.