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  • There are more than 20 levels
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Q: How many levels of puffle rescue are there?
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How many levels are there on Puffle Rescue?

There are unlimited levels on Puffle Rescue. The levels do start repeating, but they keep getting faster.

How many levels are there in puffle rescue for the blach puffle?


How many levels are on puffle rescue on club penguin?

There are unlimited levels but the levels will just repeat them selves after level 9 but the levels will get faster!

How many levels are in the club penguin game called puffle round up?

im pretty sure there are more than 20 levels.

Were is the giant snowball on puffle rescue?

the giant snowball is at the end of level 9 in the cave levels

How do you get the key in puffle rescue?

You have to play black puffle rescue but you have to be a member

Where is rockhopper's puffle at?

No he is in puffle rescue, the game the black puffle rescue you have to rescue the puffle.

What is the riddle on Club Penguin '' Seek the black puffle in puddle rescue and follow the shadow but watch out for?

In Puffle Rescue there is this secret octopus shadow in the Black Puffle levels. Keep following it and it will bring you to a secret level, and if you beat it you can get to the secret underwater room and you get a pin that looks like Rockhopper's Key with seaweed on it!

Club Penguin Puffle Rescue?

Club Penguin's latest game, Puffle Rescue, is at the Underground Mine.

How do you get to puffle rescue?

It is at the mine

How do you unlock the door in the hidden lake on club penguin?

you have to beat all the levels in the the black puffle rescue then when you beat it take the key when you find it and go to the hidden lake. click the door and your in. I've never beat the black puffle rescue before but i know how to get the key.

Do you need a white puffle to play pufflrescape?

No, you don't need any puffle to play puffle rescue.