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20 then u get a trophy

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Q: How many levels are in webkinz polarberry jam?
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How many levels are there in polarberry Jam on webkinz?


Is there games like animal jam?

Wolfquest! also, Webkinz, Club Penguin...

What do you do with jam on Webkinz?

In Jumbleberry Fields? Try to collect 100 of each berries and win a prize!

What are the funnest websites for age 8?

Well i like Animal and Webkinz (you need a webkin for webkinz world but you dont for animal jam or mishi but here is a code for both the animal jam code is playfree and the moshi monsters code is sludge street!)

What are some virtual worlds where you are the animal?

Animal jam, club penguin, webkinz, they all end with .com.

What are the best virtual worlds for your kid?

Ty Webkinz Kid Zui Animal Jam Adopt Me CbbcRoar

What is your animal jam username?

my username on animal jam is chelida and please buddy me and im like there everyday! and my webkinz username is chelida too! buddy me on webkinz too if you like and my amazing world username is chelida! all chelida! moshimonters chelida! BUT i do not go on moshimonsters anymore.

What other websites are there that are like animal jam and webkinz and moshi monsters?

There are many similar games to those. Just a few include Club Penguin, Pandanda, Sifaka World, and many more!

How many calories in teaspoon jam?

how many kilojoules in a teaspoon of jam

What are games exactly like animal jam and webkinz?

Here are some games that are like Animal Jam: - Clubpenguin - Webkinz (you need a webkinz doll to play) - Habbo (need to be 13 years or older) - Woozworld - Fantage - Pixiehollow - Dizzywood - Uville - Whyville - Marapets - Neopets - Sparkleworld - Ourworld - Girlsgogames - Moshimonsters - Poptropica

How many calories are there in the jam?

There are 278 calories in jam.

How many calories in teaspoon of jam?

60 calories.