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Q: How many kinds of Pokemon are there?
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How many props are in Pokemon white for the musical?

There are more than 100 different kinds!

What kinds of Pokemon Ranger games are there?

There are 3 kinds of Pokemon Ranger games, the original Pokemon Ranger, POkemon Ranger:Shadows of Almia, and Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs. Hoped this helped!

How many diffrent kinds of Pokemon are there?

There are 802 different species of Pokemon currently up to Pokemon Sun and Moon. This excludes Mega Evolution forms, Alolan forms, and other varieties of Pokemon.

What are the Pokemon you can find in ruby?

You can find all kinds of pokemon.

Which Pokemon can learn cut in Pokemon emerald?

all kinds. ussally grass types,but other kinds too. example:sceptile

What kinds of Pokemon are in Pokemon Conquest?

mostly kanto and pokemon from Diamond, Pearl, Platinum

What Pokemon is number 520 in Pokemon Platinum?

There is only 493 different kinds of pokemon.

How many Pokemon and what kinds does your dad have in Sapphire?

Lvl 28 & 31 Slaking Lvl 30 Vigoroth

Is Unknown a legendary Pokemon?

Unknown is not a legendary Pokemon but it is considered rare. Legendary Pokemon are one of a kinds.

How many Pokemon are there in heart gold and soul silver?

If you count only Johto pokémon, 256 kinds. National Pokédex counts 493 kinds(Johto, Kanto, Sinnoh, Hoemn)

How many pokémon are there in route 221?

Is that a joke? You have got to know that there are infinite Pokemon there. Unless you mean kinds. I'm not going into that.

What kinds Pokemon can you find on route 8 on Pokemon crater?

you can rarely find larvitar.