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Pear, pair, pour, pier, peer. If it doesn't have to start with p and end with r, you have pare, pore, reap, rape, pure. Those are all I can think of off the top of my head.

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Q: How many four letter word can you make from letters p and r and vowels?
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What 7 letter word can you make out of these letters jcrbkbb?

No English words -- no vowels.

What 9 letter word has 5 vowels one of which starts the word and another ends it?

Alligator has nine letters, but the word only has four vowels.

How many four letter words using all vowels?

That is a trick question. You can't make a four letter word using all five vowels.

What 4 letter words can you make with the letters nfwade?

Four letter words that can be made from the letters 'nfwade' are:anewaweddawndeafdeanfadefawnfendwadewandwaneweanwend

How many four letter words can you make if no letter is used twice and each word must contain at least one vowel?

I'm not sure, but i have there are 26x25x24x23 total possibilities which is 358800. And 21x20x19x18 of these possibilities don't include vowels (since 21 out of 26 letters are not vowels and they can each be used once). Therefore the number of possibilities of words WITH vowels is just the difference which is 358800 - 143640 = 215160

Which four letter word has the letters uilfd?

Those five letters can be scrambled to make "fluid."

How many four letter words can you make from the word syringe?

Four letter words that can be made from the letters in 'syringe' are:greygringyrereinringrisesignsinesingsire

What 4 letter words can you make with the letters irbegd?

Four letter words that can be made with the letters 'irbegd' are:bergbidebierbirdbredbriebrigdiredribgirdgridrideThose letters will also spell the word 'bridge'.

What 4 letter word an you make with amuotadte?

Those letters will spell AUTOMATED. You can also make these four letter words:atomautodamedatadatedemodomedoteduetmadematemeadmeatmoatmodemotemutttametautteamteattoadtoedtometout

Is the word square a vowel?

No,a vowel in the English language is a letter. There are five, a,e,i,o, and u. These letters are connectors for the consonants. Together, consonants and vowels, make up words. The word square has two vowels, a and e.

What is the Letter a in the Hebrew alphabet?

There is no letter A in the Hebrew alphabet. In fact, the Hebrew alphabet doesn't have any vowels in it at all.To form vowels in Hebrew, marks are added to the letters. For example:A as in make = אֵיA as in Father = אָ אַ or אֲA as in cat = doesn't exist in Hebrew

What is the longest word you can make out of the letters rucevme?

There are four possible five-letter words:cremecurvecuveerevue