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There are 50 floors in the Watery Caves.

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Q: How many floors are there in the watery cave in harvest moon animal parade?
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What is the key to the watery spring in harvest moon animal parade?

it is the key you need to unlock the entrance to the watery cave so you can find the blue bell (ben's bell) you get it from paolo

Where is the Blue Bell in Harvest Moon Animal Parade?

The Blue Bell is in the Watery Cave. To get into the Watery Cave you have to get the key to open the gates. To get the keys, talk to Paolo and he will give it to you. The Watery Caves is between the Wizard's house and the Choral Clinic.

Where do you find the gold ore in Harvest moon animal parade?

Gold ores are found in the Garmon Upper and Lower Mines, and some can be found in the Watery Caves.

Where are the bells on harvest moon animal parade?

Here are the locations of the 5 bells in harvest moon animal parade: Red Bell- On the 10th floor of the lower Garmon Mine Yellow Bell- On the beach between your farm and flute fields Blue Bell- In the Watery Cave Green Bell- The With has it but you go in the big windmill to start the green bell quest Purple Bell- in the room on the right side of Perry's podium when you walk into the church The purple bell can't be unlocked until you do all of the other four bells and the blue bell quest is a part of the green bell quest. -AriCharae

Were is Watery Cave inHarvest Moon Animal Parade?

Its in the town, near the stair case, but you need to know about the town's water Apparatus system you'll need to talk to Pablo

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In harvest moon animal parade how do you catch the nautilus?

To catch the Nautilus, go to the Watery Cave, floor 0 in the right corner between the Blue Bell and the staircase. Find the right spot to throw your fishing rod. Just need a level one fishing rod in order to get enough length to land in the right spot. You will know if your bobber is in the right spot if you start catching eels. You can only catch it in Spring, Summer, and Fall between 3:00pm and 3:00am.

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