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u can find them wild

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Q: How many dittos are there in Pokemon diamond?
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You are wondering how to get a Ditto in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

you can catch dittos in Pokemon diamond and pearl with poke radar in route 218 but its pretty hard to catch them + find them. :)

Pokemon Diamond how to catch Ditto?

You can catch a Ditto in Pokemon Diamond after you obtain the National Dex and use the Poke Radar in the grass in route 228(or 227). Dittos have appear about 20% of the time.

Can Ditto reproduce and how?

There are two possible questions here.Q1: Can Dittos reproduce with other Dittos?A1: ---- (please edit if you know the answer to this)Q2: Can Dittos reproduce with other Pokemon?A2: Yes. Dittos can reproduce with any Pokemon of any gender. The amount of time it takes the two Pokemon to have an egg depends on many factors.

Pokemon dp how many dittos can you catch?

You can catch as much as you want.

Do 2 Dittos lay eggs on Pokemon?

2 dittos don't lay eggs but a girl Pokemon and a ditto can have an egg the egg will be the same kind of the mother

Where to train water Pokemon that are around lvl30 in Pokemon diamond?

wild grass outside Canalave City near that guitarist those are lvl 29-31 i think and they have some dittos too if u look long enough

How fast do dittos breed in soulsilver?

Dittos breed fairly fast with themselves. With others, it depends heavily on what Pokemon you are breeding it with. Rarer Pokemon take much longer than the average Bidoof does. It depends on what Pokemon you are breeding it with entirely.

How do you get diddo Pokemon in Pokemon black 2?

Dittos can be found in Giant Chasm and hidden grottos

With which Pokemon can leafeon lay an egg other than Ditto?

dittos work with every Pokemon

How many dittos can you get in Pokemon emerald?

A: You beat the elite 4, and then go to the fossil maniacs house in fallabor town, go in the cave, and then, you can just, well you can catch as many dittos, until all your PC boxes are full, (I hope I helped withh your question)

How many regions are there in Pokemon Diamond?

There is only one region in Pokemon diamond.

How many regions are in Pokemon Diamond?

there is only the sinnon region is Pokemon diamond