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151, the last one being Mew :)

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Q: How many different types of Pokemon in the year 2000?
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How many different types of Pokémon are there in Pokémon?

There are 18 types and atleast 649 pokemon.

What is the Pokemon leuges Pokemon and there weanesses?

each pokemon leauge is different with many(several) different pokemonand the types would be physic dark phyting ghost type the champion which you battle at the end wil have 6 pokemon with different types

How many thunder type Pokemon are there?

There are 48 Electric-type Pokemon, counting the different forms of Pokemon. 26 of them are pure-Electric, and the other 22 are dual-types.

How many unknown are there in Pokemon pearl?

Different types how many letters are there in the whole alphabet.In the cave in Solacen Town infinity.

Which Pokemon does the viridian gym leader have in Pokemon HeartGold?

He has many types.

How do you we defeat the first gym with chimchar?

Try to catch many different types of Pokemon. Battle people, train up. Try and get hold of a water Pokemon. Hope I helped.

How many different Pokemon movies are there and what are they called?

i know some of them 1: Pokemon the first movie 2: mewtwo returns 3: lucario and the mystery of mew 4: the rise of darkrai 5: Pokemon 2000 6: Pokemon 4ever

There are many different types of paragraphs why are so many different types needed?

There are so many different types because they are all used for different purposes in different situations.

How many types of Pokemon?

In the generation this topic is posted in. 17 types.

How many ribbons do you need to get into the ribbon syndicate?

No you need ten to be on your first Pokemon then they let you in

What besides honey can you use to attract Pokemon?

Many different types. If you put honey on trees then bug types are attracted, for example combee

Is this a good team for Pokemon leafgreen Charizard Venusaur Pikachu Gyarados Aerodactyl any suggestions for last Pokemon?

that is a good team and you have many different types. your last Pokemon could be a ground type such as dugtrio