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Trips vary in length of time and it part of the prize description

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Q: How many days for wheel of fortune trips?
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How many days are the trips for on Wheel of Fortune?

The trips are usually 3 to 5 days.. maybe a week

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The Wheel of Fortune does not make many trips but her children are seen with her when they are in Hawaii

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What things are associated with the Wheel of Fortune?

The TV show is very popular. The symbol of the wheel of fortune having an effect on a persons luck, fate or fortune might be less well known, but I think that many people can relate to concept

How many Wheel of Fortune shows a year?

About 200 new episodes are taped for each new season of Wheel of Fortune.

How many people watch Wheel of Fortune on TV?

Wheel of Fortune typically averages 27 viewers every week.

How many episodes are filmed each day on the Wheel of Fortune?

5 or 6 each day for 3 or 4 days in a row are recorded

Did anybody curse on Wheel of Fortune?

yes many

How many spaces are there on the little Wheel of Fortune?


How many versions of Wheel of Fortune have been aired around the world?

Besides the current Syndicated Nighttime Wheel of Fortune there is the cancelled USA Daytime Wheel of Fortune and there have been over 60 International versions of Wheel of Fortune. That figure is including the ones that have been cancelled or have not yet aired. 16 different Wheel of Fortune shows are currently being aired around the world

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How many Wheel of Fortune episodes are filmed a year?