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Currently in the Vanilla release, dragon eggs do nothing, and are primarily used as an ornament.

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Q: How many days does it takes for an ender dragon egg to hatch in minecraft?
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How long will it takes to hatch soccer dragon?

there is no soccer dragon!

How long does the gummy dragon take to hatch on Dragon City?

8 hours long does the gummy dragon takes to hatch on dragon city.

How long does it take for a seaweed dragon to hatch?

It takes 5 hours to hatch.

When does a dragon hatch in dragon adopters?

level five takes about 2 days

How long does it take for a New Year Dragon to hatch in Dragon Story?

It takes 48 hours to me but it could take less or more for you.

How long does the medieval dragon take to hatch on Dragon City?

it takes 10-12 hours

How long does it take to breed and hatch a mountain dragon in DragonVale?

It takes 14 hours to breed and hatch in DragonVale.

What type of animal takes 5 years to hatch?

One Of Them Is The Komodo Dragon

How do you make a ender bubble on Minecraft?

There's no such thing as an ender bubble. However, there are ender pearls that drop from endermen. If you throw, it teleports you to where it lands but does 2 hearts of damage. There is also an Eye of Ender which is ender pearl + blaze powder. When thrown, it takes you in the direction of the nearest stronghold end portal. You also need it to activate the portal.

How long does it take to breed a reindeer dragon?

The reindeer dragon takes 5 hours to breed, and another 5 hours to hatch.

How long does it take to hatch a moon dragon on dragonval?

48 hours, but there is a 97% it takes that long.

It takes 73 days for an egg of a bearded dragon lizard to hatch. What fraction in simplest from represents the part of a year in days it takes for the egg to hatch?

It is 1/5 of a normal (non Leap) calendar year.