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The current PS2 model, priced at $99.99, comes with one controller.

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Q: How many controllers does a Playstation 2 come with?
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How many controllers does a Playstation 2 have?

About 8 controllers

How many game controllers can fit in a Playstation 2?

2 controllers can fit in the playstation2

Are PlayStation controllers compatible with PlayStation 2 unit?


Can you use your PlayStation controllers on a PlayStation 2?


Can you use PlayStation 2 controllers for PlayStation 3?

No, you can't use ps2 controllers to play ps3.

Do PlayStation controllers work in the ps2?

Yes they do. It works the same with PlayStation games on PlayStation 2 consoles.

How many controllers can be used at one time with a Playstation 3?

You can connect up to 7 controllers. And if people want to use the PlayStation Move while playing, (using 2 controllers) you can have 3 people using it, and have 1 person using the original controller, or 2 people using PlayStation Move and 2 people using original controllers, and etc.

Are Sony PlayStation 2 Dualshock controllers compatible with Sony playstation 1?

Yes they are

What is the PlayStation 2 munti-tap adapter for?

It enables up to four controllers to be plugged in to the PlayStation 2 simultaneously.

When were the PlayStation 2 controllers invented?

Shortly after the console I imagine.

Does the PlayStation 2 support two or four controllers?

The Playstation 2 console has two slots for plugging in controllers however an accessory controller multi tap hub allows connection of four.

How come on a playstation 2 it holds 2 controllers but some games allow 4?

There are optional accessories just like for guitar hero and band hero