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a number of them if it looks like this: ______ / ___ \ | |___| | | | \______/ then it holds 41 cards

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Q: How many cards come in a Pokemon tin?
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How many cards in a tin in Pokemon?

ussaly 41

How many cards in a pack of Pokemon cards?

it depends on what pack it is the tin pack has 60 cards

How many packs are in a Pokemon tin?

There are 4. You can hold lots of pokemon cards in the tin itself, so it's a great deal.

Does the Pokemon card zorark come in a tin?

Well kinda u see,it comes in a box and there is a big card and 2 small cards

Can you get energy cards in a Pokemon EX tin?

yes if you get the energy(s) in the 4 booster packs included in the tin

What other Pokemon come in the oshawott tin?

In a tin it is filled with foil packs. The cards recieved are completely random. In the foil packets, the last 3 cards are Uncommon. The first 6 are common. A shiny may be mixed into one of those. The remaining card is rare.

What cards come in the elemental hero prisma tin?

All of the cards are random. the only card that is not random is prisma.

How many bakugan cards are in a tin box?


Where can you get Pokemon card collectors tin?

Pretty much any store that sells Pokemon Cards. They are 15 dollars, i think. They include 1 level x and some other random cards.

How many cards are there in the Moshi Monsters Collectors Tin?

You get 20 cards, 2 badges and 6 stickers!

Do all Palkia tins have the same Pokemon?

You are guaranteed a Palkia Lv.X in each tin, but the cards in the booster packs are random.

Where can you find a Pokemon shiny gold copy?

It hasn't come out tin the US yet.