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I believe it said somewhere on gamespot that it's 64+ of whatever medal it is your looking for

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Q: How many awards do you need to get it permanent on star wars battlefront 2?
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How many regulator's do you need to get it permanent on Star Wars Battlefront 2?

64. Same for every medal.

Can you unlock the clone cammandos on Star Wars battlefront ii?

You need to kill some many people and get points to unlock him.

Can you play Star Wars Battlefront renagadesquadron on ps2?

No, you need a PSP.

What controller do you need to play star wars battlefront 2 for the PC?

The keyboard of your computer.

How many challenges do you need to win to get all the awards?

Piece of cake! You have TEN MISSIONS to win all the awards.

How many points do you need in Star Wars battlefront 2 to become a general?

you need a total of 300 medals -gloksaw (aka skullhunter, leader of APHIRE)

How do you get net play on star wars battlefront?

As in multiplayer? You will need and internet connection and/or Wi-Fi.

What Do you need to play multiplayer on Star Wars battlefront 2?

A Computer, a keyboard, a mouse, internet

How do get 212Th clone troopers on Star Wars battlefront 2?

you need to mod it. but you could search star wars battlefront ii 212 legion mod and there should be one i used it for myself and its good.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 how many points are need to be capitain?

well i have about 5497 points and i am captain but I've been captain for quite some time so.....

What is a Star Wars Battlefront keycode?

Star Wars Battlefront Key code is either on the back of the Case or Game Manual.

Where can you download star wars battlefront 2?

you can download by (but need to download BitTorrent or just Torrent p.s. BitTorrent is better:)