How many admins are on Roblox?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The count is:

Moderators: 43

Admins: 25

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Q: How many admins are on Roblox?
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Who are the admins on Roblox?

There are many different administrators on Roblox.

Who are three admins on Roblox?

ROBLOX , Telamon , and builderman

Why is there maintenance on roblox?

The Roblox Admins are always working to make the website and the game better. When the site is down for maintenance, that means that the Roblox Admins are updating the game.

Who is the manager of roblox?

ROBLOX, an admin, is believed to be the owner of Roblox. Also, other admins, such as Clockwork.

Why do Roblox admins lie?

they don't. why do you ask?

Who can make hats in roblox?

Admins like roblox, builderman, telamon and clockwork.

Who is the designer of the hats gear and faces for roblox?

The designer of the hats and gears and faces for ROBLOX is the Admins in Roblox....

Can you get a refund in roblox?

Sadly, no. The admins don't have a heart.

Is the Roblox HQ in redwood California public?

No Roblox HQ is not public, but you can schedule visits with the Roblox admins on certain dates. During these visits, Roblox admins give visitors a tour of the office and take questions and ideas. Contact Roblox customer support for more information.

How do be a roblox admin?

The Roblox admins are people who actually work for Roblox as they're job. if you want to become a Roblox admin you would have to work for Roblox

Is Roblox a millionare?

Probably, yes. All the admins have permission to get in Roblox's account. They all share it.

Does builderman still play roblox?

Yes and no. The user 'ROBLOX' from is not used like a regular user. This account is instead used by the Roblox admins to publish places and hats, not for actually playing the game. The Roblox admins do sometimes play Roblox games, but they do not use the account 'ROBLOX' to do this.