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8 U.S. States begin with N: # Nevada # Nebraska # New York # New Hampshire # New Jersey # New Mexico # North Dakota # North Carolina

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Q: How many US states are beginning with letter N?
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How many US states are there beginning with the letter l?

Four US states begin with I: * Iowa * Idaho * Illinois * Indiana

How many states are there in America beginning with m?

There are eight (8) states in the US which have names that start with the letter M.

What are states in the US beginning with the letter O?

Ohio Oklahoma Oregon

How many states were there at the beginning of the US?

I think it was 13...

How many states have a m in the beginning of the word in the US?

Eight U.S. states begin with the letter M. The states are Michigan, Maryland, Maine, Montana, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Minnesota and Missouri.

How many states in the us begins with letter z?

No states in the US start with the letter z

How many us states have p in them?

there are twelve us states that the letter p in them

What states start with the letter M?

States in the U.S. that begin with the letter M:MaineMarylandMassachusettsMichiganMinnesotaMississippiMissouriMontanaStates of Mexico beginning with M: MexicoMichoacanMorelosStates of India beginning with M: Madhya PradeshMaharashtraManipurMeghalayaMizoramStates of Germany beginning with M: Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (MeckPomm)States of Malaysia beginning with M: MalaccaStates of Brazil beginning with M: MaranhaoMato GrossoMato Grosso do SulMinas GeraisStates of Venezuela beginning with M: MeridaMirandaMonagasStates of Palau beginning with M: Melekeok

How many US states begin with the letter i?

From the question, I assume that you mean a list of US States beginning with the letter "I". Well, here goes. Idaho, Illinois, Indiana and IowaFour USA states begin with the letter i - Idaho, Illinois, Indiana and Iowa.

How many states in the US end with letter a?

There are four states that begin and end with and "A". There are 14 US States that do not contain an "A". There are 36 US States that contain one or more letters "A". There are 22 US States that end in the letter "A".

What US state begins with the letter a?

The states are Arizona, Alaska in U.S beginning with the letter a.

What is the us state beginning with s?

South Carolina and South Dakota are U.S. states. They begin with the letter S.