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a lot

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Q: How many Pokemon tv shows are there?
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Do any tv shows start with p?


What tv channel is Pokemon Black and White on?

Cartoon Network. As all the other Pokemon shows are -.-

Why are there so many questions about Fire Red and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon in the Pokemon Red Blue and Yellow section?

Because those games are so confusing and you also need to know ALOT about Pokemon and watch their TV shows.

Will Pokemon ever be on national television shows again?

i think Pokemon dindmond and pearl is on cartoonnetwork at 6:30 a.m

Does Misty from Pokemon have parents?

Yes. But Pokemon Inc. never shows them on TV. They only show her sisters. If you ever have any questions about Pokemon you just let me know!

What tranier has alakazam?

In the Games, Sabrina has an Alakazam. It is he most poweful Pokemon In the TV shows, Gary has an Alzkazam. It is his most used Psychic Pokemon.

Who is reds real identity on Pokemon soulsilver?

He is really Ash cant you see he has all the Pokemon he had in the Kanto region shows on TV like the movie Pokemon The Power Of One ( Pokemon 2000).

How many actors are in a tv shows?

There are thousands of actors on television shows every night.

What were many of the early television comedy shows adapted from?

Radio shows.

Is there a new Pokemon television series that deals with the Platinum Pearl And Diamond games?

there are three shows and a lot of movies Pokemon dp Pokemon dp battle dimension and Pokemon dp galactic battles

How many tv shows are there?


How many TV shows are on air?

There are lots of various tv channels and shows. Possibly 10,000 +