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Depends on what game you're on. And aren't there other ways of getting different Pokémon than catchable in your game than trading over platinum? Like importing from Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald

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Q: How many Pokemon can you collect without trading on Pokemon platinum?
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How do you get all starters on Pokemon platinum without trading?

That's impossible.

How do you migrate Pokemon from Pearl to Platinum without trading?

You don't. Its not possible

How do you get a manaphy egg in platinum without Pokemon ranger or trading?

With ans AR

Can you evolve Porygon in Pokemon platinum without trading?

Try the GTS trick.

Can you transfer Pokemon from platinum to soul silver without trading?

No. The only way to move Pokemon from Platinum is through a trade. 1 for 1.

Where can you get a Ditto before you get the national dex in Pokemon Platinum?

The Trophy Garden is the only place to get Ditto in Pokemon Platinum, without trading or cheating of course.

Where do you find info about Phione in Pokemon platinum without trading?

the book in the friken mansions you retards

Can you get Dialga or Palkia in Pokemon platinum?

Yes, you can actually get them both in the same game without trading.

Where to get Charmander in Pokemon platinum without slot 2?

Then you're only hope is trading for a Charmander.

How do you get all 3 starter Pokemon in Pokemon platinum without trading?

Get a cheat device. In other words, you can't do it legally

In Pokemon platinum how do you get Porygon2 without trade?

It is impossible to obtain a Porygon2 without trading. You can get a Porygon and trade it with an Up-Grade or you can get a Porygon2 from the GTS but there is no way to get Porygon2 without trading.

Where do you find a moltres in Pokemon pearl diamond or platinum?

You cant get it without trading or migrating.I'm 90% sure.