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There are 3,139 PlayStation 2 games as of Feb. 29,2008

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Q: How many PlayStation 2 games are there?
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How many PlayStation 2 games were made?

Sony Playstation 2 have released around 2,016 games

Can a person play playstation 2 games on playstation?

Yes a person can play playstation games on a playstation 2 .i have a playstation 2 and i can play ps 1 games on it.

Can you play PlayStation 2 games on the original PlayStation?

No. PlayStation 2 games are not backwards-compatible with the original PlayStation.

Can you play games written for the PlayStation 3 on a PlayStation 2?

No. PlayStation 3 games are not backwards-compatible with the PlayStation 2.

Do PlayStation3 games work on PlayStation 2?

No PlayStation 3 games do NOT work on the PlayStation 2 system.

Can you play a PlayStation 2 game on PlayStation?

No, but you can play PlayStation games on a PlayStation 2.

Is there a PlayStation 2 emulator that will play ROMs and not PlayStation 2 games?

If it didn't play PlayStation 2 games, it wouldn't be a PlayStation 2 emulator. So obviously the answer is no.

Can you play playstation 2 games on the playstation?


Are Playstation 2 games compatible with Playstation?


Will Playstation 3 play the older games too?

Playstation 3 can play old Playstation games, but Playstation 2 games are not compatible. You can load some playstation 2 games using the hard drive and an emulator, but not all.

Can you play PlayStation 3 games on PlayStation 2?

No as the PlayStation 3 Blu-Ray discs are too large to fit in the DVD slot on the PlayStation 2, although you can play most PlayStation 2 games on American PlayStation 3's and around 50% of PlayStation 2 games on European PlayStation 3's.

How many Kingdom Hearts games are there on the playstation 2?

i think 4