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The PlayStation 3 does not have a limit on supported hard drive sizes. Instead, the physical dimensions of the hard drive matter as long as it can fit in a 2.5-inch bay.

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Q: How many Gigabytes can a PS3 Hold?
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How much does a 160 GB PS3 hold?

it can hold up to 80 games

What is better about the 80 GB ps3 than the 60 GB?

A 80 gb will hold more memory.. you can use the 80 gb more if you plan on haveing your ps3 a while and plan on having alot of games

How many movies can ps3 hold?

Depends on your harddrive size and whether the movies are in HD. My DVR holds 100 hours of HD programming and is a smaller harddrive than the PS3 320 GB. Sites I reviewed said HD is about 1 GB per hour programming others said 1.5 GB so the PS3 320 GB could hold 200 to 300 hours of HD movies. Netflix is said to be about 2 GB an hour or so at the same site which would be less than 100 movies.

Can you save full games on your PS3?

Yes, but the amount of games depends how many gigabytes your ps3 has.

How many gigibits does black ops have?

What it depends on is your PS3 or XBOX 360. I have a PS3 and it has 160 GB.

How many gigabytes did the first ps3's have?

about 60

Does the ps3 console label how many gigabytes it has?

of course

How many GB does a ps2 have?

PS2 does not have a Harddrive that is a PS3

On average how much games can an ps3 80 gig hold?

It depends greatly if you are only using Game downloads instead of PS3 game Discs that still need the Disc to play the game since the whole game file is not downloaded into your PS3. It also matters if you are online and receiving Game updates because they also take up space since updates can not be written into the Game Discs as the PS3 does not change the data on the original discs and only holds the information on your harddrive. Because of the variables there is not an average number of games it can hold, but there are few questions about hold to make more room for additional games on even smaller harddrives. The main thing is that the PS3 does not download and keep the harddrive filled with the complete games or it would be unable to hold a large number which it can. Currently my 320 GB PS3 is 70-80 filled with about 80 downloaded games, photos, videos, huge Playstation Home file and it uses about 220 GB of the 298 GB available on a 320 GB PS3. Some games have 14 GB of memory usage so it will depend on a game file size just how many can fit in 80 GB

Is a 160 GB ps3 better than a 320GB?

No the difference is about the size harddrive and the 320 GB is twice the size and will hold more than twice the data because some space is taken in the harddrive for the PS3 software. The 320 GB has 298 GB of available storage

How many GB's does the new ps3 2012 come in?

250 gb & 500 gb

Can a 120 gig for a PS3 hold more then a 250 gig?

No the 250GB is larger and can therefore hold more. GB has to do with the size of the Harddrive memory and the higher the number the larger the amount of Data it will hold.