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aals, abas, abet, able, ably, abri, abye, abys, aces, acne, acre, acta, acts, acyl, aeon, aero, aery, afar, ails, ains, airn, airs, airt, airy, aits, alae, alan, alar, alas, alba, albs, alec, alef, ales, alfa, alif, alit, aloe, also, alto, alts, anal, anas, anes, anil, anis, anoa, ansa, anta, ante, anti, ants, arbs, arco, arcs, area, ares, arfs, aria, aril, arts, arty, aryl, asci, asea, ates, ayes, ayin, baal, baas, bail, bait, bale, bals, bane, bani, bans, bare, barf, barn, bars, base, bast, bate, bats, batt, bays, bean, bear, beat, bels, belt, bens, bent, best, beta, bets, beys, bias, bice, bier, bile, bine, bins, bint, bios, birl, birr, bise, bite, bits, bitt, blae, blat, blet, blin, bloc, blot, boar, boas, boat, boil, bola, bole, bolo, bolt, bone, bony, boon, boor, boos, boot, bora, bore, born, bort, bota, bots, bott, boyo, boys, brae, bran, Bras, brat, bray, bren, brie, brin, brio, bris, brit, broo, byes, byre, byrl, byte, cabs, caca, cafe, cain, calf, cane, cans, cant, carb, care, carl, carn, cars, cart, casa, case, cast, cate, cats, cays, ceca, ceil, celt, cent, cero, ciao, cine, cion, cire, cist, cite, city, clan, clay, clef, clon, clot, cloy, coal, coat, cobs, coca, coco, coft, coif, coil, coin, coir, cola, cole, cols, colt, coly, cone, coni, cons, cony, coof, cool, coon, coos, coot, core, corf, corn, cory, cost, cosy, cote, cots, coys, crab, crib, cris, croc, cyan, cyst, earl, earn, ears, east, easy, eats, ebon, efts, elan, enol, eons, eras, erns, eros, errs, erst, etas, etic, etna, eyas, eyra, face, fact, fail, fain, fair, fane, fano, fans, fare, farl, faro, fast, fate, fats, fays, feal, fear, feat, felt, fens, fern, feta, fets, fiar, Fiat, fibs, fice, fico, fila, file, filo, fils, fine, fino, fins, fire, firn, firs, fisc, fist, fits, flab, flan, flat, flay, flea, fley, flic, flit, floc, floe, foal, fobs, foci, foes, foil, foin, fons, font, fool, foot, fora, forb, fore, fort, foys, frae, frat, fray, fret, frit, froe, fyce, ibis, ices, icon, ilea, ilia, inby, info, inia, inly, inro, inti, into, ions, iota, ires, iris, iron, isba, isle, labs, lace, lacs, lacy, laic, lain, lair, lane, lari, lars, lase, last, late, lati, lats, lays, leaf, lean, lear, leas, left, leis, leno, lens, lent, lest, lets, leys, liar, libs, lice, lief, lien, lier, lies, life, lift, line, lino, lins, lint, liny, lion, lira, lire, list, lits, loaf, loan, lobe, lobo, lobs, loca, loci, loco, loft, loin, lone, loof, loon, loos, loot, lore, lorn, lory, lose, lost, lota, loti, lots, lyes, lyre, lyse, nabe, nabs, naif, nail, naoi, naos, narc, nary, nays, near, neat, nebs, neif, nest, nets, nett, nibs, nice, nils, nisi, nits, nobs, noel, noes, noil, nolo, nose, nosy, nota, note, oafs, oars, oast, oats, obes, obey, obia, obis, obit, Oboe, obol, ocas, oils, oily, olea, oleo, oles, olio, once, ones, only, onto, oots, oral, orbs, orby, orca, orcs, ores, orle, orra, orts, osar, otic, otto, oyer, oyes, race, racy, raft, raia, rail, rain, rale, rani, rant, rare, rase, rate, rato, rats, raya, rays, real, rear, rebs, recs, refs, reft, reif, rein, reis, rely, rent, rest, rets, rial, rias, ribs, rice, riel, rife, rifs, rift, rile, rins, riot, rise, rite, roan, roar, robe, robs, rocs, roes, roil, role, roof, root, rose, rosy, rota, rote, rotl, roto, rots, ryas, ryes, ryot, sabe, safe, sail, sain, sale, salt, sane, sari, sate, sati, scab, scan, scar, scat, scot, scry, seal, sear, seat, sect, seif, self, sent, sera, serf, seta, sett, sial, sice, sift, silo, silt, sine, sire, site, slab, slat, slay, slit, slob, sloe, slot, snib, snit, snob, snot, snye, soar, sofa, soft, soil, sola, sole, soli, solo, sone, soon, soot, sora, sorb, sore, sori, sorn, sort, soya, stab, star, stat, stay, stet, stey, stir, stoa, stob, stye, sybo, syce, syli, sync, syne, tabs, tace, taco, tact, tael, tail, tain, tala, talc, tale, tali, tans, taos, tare, tarn, taro, tars, tart, tate, tats, teal, tear, teas, teat, tela, tels, tens, tent, tern, test, tets, tics, tier, ties, tile, tils, tilt, tine, tins, tint, tiny, tire, tirl, tiro, titi, tits, toby, toea, toes, toft, toil, toit, tola, tole, tone, tons, tony, tool, toon, toot, tora, torc, tore, tori, torn, toro, torr, tors, tort, tory, tost, tote, tots, toyo, toys, tray, tref, tret, trey, trio, trot, troy, tsar, tyes, tyne, tyre, tyro, yare, yarn, yean, year, yeas, yens, yeti, yett, yins, yirr, yobs, yoni, yore

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Q: How many 4 letter words can you make out of scientific laboratory?
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