How long is lickitung tongue?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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it is about 3 feet at least -- According to the series, it is twice the length of its body.

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Q: How long is lickitung tongue?
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What is animal is lickitung?

Lickitung is a fictional Pokémon character that has a really long sticky tongue. The closest animal that it is like would be the anteater because it also has a long sticky tongue that it uses to eat with.

What is unique about the Pokemon character Lickitung?

The Pokemon character Lickitung's long tongue is it's unique feature. It uses its tongue like a sticky hand, to paralyze the enemy and to clean itself.

Which Pokémon has the long tongue in Pokémon crystal?

When you say 'long tongue' it makes me think of Lickitung (no.108), however it first appeared in Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow not Crystal.

What Pokemon is pink and has a tongue?

The one you are referring to is either Lickitung or Lickilicky.

What are the Pokemon bill's father wants to see in Pokemon Crystal?

I've heard one of them is a lickitung because he wants to see a Pokemon with a long tongue. Hope this helps!!

Where do you get long tongue in Pokemon gold?

If you are talking about Lickitung, I think on Route 18, but I do not know for sure. the route just west of Fuchsia City I think. I hope that I helped.

What Pokemon has a long toungue and swirls on its knees?


When was Lickitung created?

Lickitung was created in 1996.

How do you catch a lickitung in Pokemon Pearl?

To catch lickitung you have to talk to dawns sister and if your lucky she mite say lickitung. It worked for me and I have breeded and made 28 lickitung s and I mite make a event to sell lickitung in pearl

How do you see Lickilicky without evolving Lickitung?

u cant.u have to get a get a lickitung, go to lucas?dawn house. talk to his/her sister everyday to check if lickitung is there. eventally there will be lickitung

What level does Lickitung evolve at in firered?

Lickitung does not evolve in FireRed.

Where to find a lickitung in soul sliver?

u can find a lickitung on route 44 in the middle of it it wroked for me i couht a lv 100 lickitung