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he's an any any any so you would probley get it on your first try.

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Q: How long does it take to get the moshling snookums?
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Is snookmus a rare moshling?

Snookums is considered a rare moshling

Is snookums a rare moshling?

No apparently not.

Is Snookums on Moshi Monsters a rare moshling?


What is the rarest moshling on moshi monsterscom?

it is snookums

What is the easest moshling to get on moshi monsters?


What moshling has a pink magic and blue dragon?


How long does it take to get Oddie?

Usually about a month- if you got it the first time (VERY rare) you sure are a good moshling collector. Watch out though- sometimes Snookums can come if you plant the wrong seeds, Oddie is the hardest and rarest moshling to catch,

What will you get from 3 star blossoms on moshi monsters?

Snookums the moshling! :)

How do you you get a moshling and then not lose the plants you already had like if you get Snookums but you want Oddie?

You can not keep the plants once you have attracted a moshling. If you get Snookums but want Oddie, you have to start over again with three new seeds.

What is the most common moshling on Moshi Monsters?

If you mean the Moshling that everyone has, then it is probably Stanley because his code is on the wood at the Seed Cart. Another Opinion: The most common Moshling on Moshi Monsters is Snookums. As soon as you join you are given a tip on how to get Snookums. In Addition: Snookums is easy to get because you only need any 3 Star Blossoms to attract Snookums. 010 Snookums the Baby Tumteedum [Dino] Any 3 Star Blossoms 018 Stanley the Songful Seahorse [Fishie] any 2 Love Berries and any Dragon Fruit Another Opinion: The most easy to get moshling by far is Snookums.

What seeds do you need for Snookums the moshling on moshi monsters?

010 Snookums the Baby Tumteedum [Dino] Any 3 Star Blossoms

What is the rarity for Snookums the moshling on Moshi Monsters?

Since Snookums needs any color of three Star Blossoms, his rarity is only common.