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just goto celestic town, and with eevee in your party, travel up and down for about 2 hours, then at night make it level up.

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Q: How long does it take to get a espion or umbreon?
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Which is best umbreon or espion?

I say they're the same because umbreon can beat espion and espion can learn psychic and it's very powerful but can't hurt dark types.

What time should you train your eevee to make it evolve into a umbreon?

first go to your house and check if it is pm. if it is then train it and it will evolve into an umbreon but if it say am it will be a espion

How do you get an espion Pokemon in Pokemon Pearl?

How do you get an espion?

to get an espion you have to give your eevee alot of love and care. The man dr footstep will tell you how much you Pokemon likes you. when it likes you ALOT go and level up your eevee. To get sn espion you must lv up in day and to get umbreon you must lv up at night

How long does it take for umbreon and Ditto to have eggs?

At least 5min. That's how long it took my umbreon and ditto to have eggs.

How do you evolve eevee into espion in Pokemon pearl?

you have to level it up in the day until it loves you. for umbreon you have to level up at night until it loves you

Which stone evolves evee in Pokemon HeartGold?

thunder stone, water stone, and fire stone just like in every other game... But if you want Umbreon or Espeon they evolve with love Umbreon(night), Espion(day)

How do you evolve Evee into Espion or Umbrion in Pokemon Diamond or Pearl?

Umbreon-High Friendship 8:00pm-3:59am Espeon-High Friendship 4:00am-7:59pm

How do you get Espion in Pokemon Emerald?

you have to evolve evee with max friendship during the day

How do you get espion or embreon in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Espeon and Umbreon cannot be obtained in Leafgreen because no in game clock feature exists so you will need to trade one from a game that does feature this like Ruby and Sapphire.

Is this a good Pokemon team Thyphsion amphardos Red gyardos Umbreon Dragonite and you cant decide on the flying type and you want to change umbreon because you dont want to take long to get his happy?

i can decide which flying but this team is for soulsilver which flying type should i get and should i keep umbreon or get another Pokemon

How do you get espion?

trian in day