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it takes a total of 30 min to charge completely when you open the box

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Q: How long does it take to charge a psp 3000 when you get it?
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Can the PSP 1000 charger charge a PSP 2000?

Yes, the chargers for each model are the same. It can charge a PSP 2000 or a 3000, etc.

How long can take to fully charge a psp?

about an hour or so

How do you charge the psp in the computer and how long does it take to charge?

Connect it via a USB port - the time taken to charge it - is dependent on the quality of the battery in the PSP.

How do you know if your PSP is a PSP 3000?

Take the battery out and behind it it will say on the actual psp.

Do PSP go use the same umd as the PSP 3000?

Psp Go's don't take umd discs like other psp's take, (psp 1000, 2000, or 3000). Psp Go's only take digital games, which you can download on the PlayStation Store via internet

Which is better a PSP 3000 or a PSP go?

psp 3000

What is better a PSP go or a PSP 3000?

PSP 3000

Which PSP is the best between original PSP PSP slim or PSP 3000?

psp 3000 totally

Is the PSP 3000 a slim?

No, psp 3000 is Brite.

Can you play regular PSP games in the PSP 3000?

Yes the PSP 3000 is a regular PSP

Is PSP 1000 better than PSP 3000?

I like PSP 3000

Is the PSP 3000 better then the PSP vita?

psp 3000 way better