How long does 4gb memory card last?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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10000 million hours till the world ends

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Q: How long does 4gb memory card last?
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How much will 4GB of memory last on 720p recording?

A 4GB memory card will hold about two hours of 720p recording. One gigabyte will hold about 30 minutes of this type of recording.

How many songs can be stored on 4GB card?

approximately 2k songs can store in 4GB memory card

Can you get a 4gb xd memory card?

no only a 2gb

Does the Sony Ericsson k660i hold a 4gb memory card?

4gb is the maximum capacity of memory card that it will support. Link below gives the complete specifications for this phone.

Memory card for blackjack 2?

MicroSD with Up to 4GB of memory max.

What memory card can be used for a canon ixus75 camera?

Any SD memory card with a capacity of max 4GB.

Why does a 4gb memory card have only 3800mb?

It has 4GB but 200MB are taken up by software already on the device.

How many game come in psp 4gb memery card?

You can store over 100 games onto a psp with a 4GB memory card.

Cost of digital camera memory cards?

The costs of memory cards are highly dependent on their storage capacity. 4GB and 8GBs are most commonly purchased. A 4GB memory card costs around $15 on average; an 8GB memory card is around $20.

What is the largest size memory card for laptops?

The largest RAM upgrade is 4GB on a single stick of memory.

Will the sony 4gb sdhc memory card work in the ge x5?


Where can one purchase a 4GB SD memory card for their cell phone?

A 4GB SD memory card can be purchased in electronic stores and cell phone stores. Demand is so high for memory cards that they now can be purchased in toy stores and local drug stores.