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  • maybe 96hours
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Q: How long do you have to play with your pet on Movie Star Planet?
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What is Niall Horan's Movie Star Planet username?

He doesn't play Movie Star Planet

Can you play Movie Star Planet on ps3?


How do you get your pet up a level on Movie Star Planet?

You play with it on the play button

How do you level your pet up on Movie Star Planet?

play with it!

Does Logan Henderson Play Movie Star Planet?

i wish he would

Does mattyb play Movie Star Planet?

Yea hes called mattybraps

How do you play with your boonie on Movie Star Planet?

You click your boonie click play then click the ball to return it and play

How do you play movie star planet with no flash player on a PS vita?

there is no posibble way

Is Movie Star Planet a game for kids?

You should supervise your kids if they play that game.

Does Cody Simpson play Movie Star Planet?

Yes. his name on it is CodySimpson 143. HAVE FUN!

How can you level put you bonnie on Movie Star Planet?

You play with them everyday and all the time ;D

Is Movie Star Planet for kids or adults?

Though no doubt some adult 'play'. It is for children