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They're just like any other Pokemon *couple*. just wait and get the daycare Pokemon app for your watch in the game.

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Q: How long do you have to leave ditto and manaphy at daycare to get phione?
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Can Phione evolve into a Manaphy?

It cannot you have to get a Ditto then a Manaphy and leave them in a day care and a Phione egg will be found.

Where do you find phione an manaphy?

First you have to transfer the manaphy egg from Pokemon ranger then hatch it then leave the manaphy with a ditto in the Pokemon daycare then ride your bike for a while then go talk to the guy standing in front of the Pokemon daycare and he will give you a pheone egg.

How do you get manaphy egg on platinum?

Leave it in the Daycare with Ditto.

What is Pokemon 489 in platinum?

PhioneSea Drifter Pokemonif you have manaphy, then u can leave manaphy and ditto at Day Care, you will find a Phione Egg. This is the only way to get Phoine, which doesnt appear at all in the wild. You can't find a Manaphy Egg, but Phione is rare and valuable enough to make up for it. You can can also find Phione Egg when you leave Phione and Ditto together at Day care. Phione wont become Manaphy through leveling up or anything.If you dont have Manaphy or Phione, contact me, i have both...

How do you breed legendary Pokemon?

Most Legendary Pokémon are incapable of breeding the only known Legendary Pokémon that is capable of breeding is Manaphy and it is capable of breeding in all main series games since its introduction into the main series of games in Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl however Manaphy can only breed with Ditto and the resulting egg will cause the egg to hatch into Phione which will not evolve or transform into Manaphy.

How do you hatch a phione egg in Pokemon black?

Just leave a manaphy or a phione in the day care with a ditto, and get the egg. Then just run around with it in your party, just like any other egg.

How do you get pione in Pokemon pearl?

You'll need a Ditto and a Manaphy to get Phione. Got to the Pokemon Daycare and put Ditto and Manaphy in together. Walk or ride your bike for a couple of minutes then go talk to the Daycare Man.(Make sure you leave space in your party)He'll give you an egg containing Pione. Now all you have to do is hatch it. Go up and down on your bike for a while. Watch T.V or somthing while your doing this because it takes quite a long time. You'll have to take 9165 steps for the Pione egg to hatch.

Can you breed Pokemon with diddo?

Yes, you can breed Pokemon with ditto. Leave ditto with the other Pokemon in the daycare and eventually you will have an egg of the other ditto. If you wanted an egg of ditto though, I don't know but, I think you can leave two dittos in the daycare. You can not breed legendary Pokemon with ditto.

What kind of Pokemon do you get when you leave ditto and sprittomb at daycare?

A Spiritomb.

What Pokemon do you get if you leave Giratina and Ditto at the daycare center?

You get a Dittatina

Can garitina breed with Ditto in diamond?

No, Giratina has no Gender so if you leave it at the daycare place with ditto there will be no egg.

How do you breed sudowoodo?

If it's a male, you leave it at the daycare with a ditto, and it will breed