How is gold traded?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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well you trade gold for money

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Q: How is gold traded?
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What resources were traded in ghanas empire?

The things that were traded were gold and salt

What was the Silk traded for?

Silk was traded for... i think gold :)

what are gld exchange traded funds?

Gold exchange traded funds tracks the price of gold they are also traded on major stock exchanges.

What were the primary commodities traded by the people of Ghana?

they traded salt for gold

What resources were traded Ghana's empire?

The things that were traded were gold and salt

How has gold affected mankind?

Gold has helped mankind because it helped people earn money when they traded the gold for other valuable things such as gold was traded for salt and silk etc

What was silk traded for?

the Chinese traded silk for gold, silver and precious pebbles.

What are the things Da Gama traded?

he traded unfancy, cheap silk, for their gold

What was traded in the kingdom of Ghana?


What did the Songhai trade?

They traded gold.

What did Ghana traded its gold for?


What was traded for gold in Africa?