How is Sonic alive?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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He is not alive in real life. In Video Games, he is alive because he is not dead. He lives because he is an animal.

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Q: How is Sonic alive?
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Is Sonic the Hedgehog the fastest thing alive?

Yes Sonic is known as the Fastest Thing Alive.

Did sonic go out of business?

No Way ! Sonic is still alive!

Who is faster sonic or speedy gonzales?

sonic is faster. sonic is the fastest thing alive.

Is sonic the hedghog the slowist thnig alive?

No, Sonic is the fastest thing alive, running faster than the speed of sound!

Can shadow beat sonic in a race?

Sonic is the fastest thing alive, what do you think?

Does Sonic die in ''Sonic and the Secret Rings''?

Nope, he's very much alive.

How is sonic the fastest thing alive?

SEGA accidentilly made Sonic fast,not slow

Is sonic faster than Amy?

Yes indeed Sonic is faster than Amy because SONIC IS THE FASTEST THING "ALIVE" !

Who was the red eyes on sonic the hegehog series?

I Think it was knuckles or it could if been Dr. Robotink still alive but i think it was Dr. Robotink because on sonic underground he was alive but on sonic underground when you saw sonic and his brother and sisther as babys and kids that was a flashback.But still after sonic was gone from the freedom fighters on sonic the hegehog series. He saw his brother and sisther on sonic underground and Dr. Robotink so he was alive o one thing Dr. robotink is eggman theres your anwer. From Byron Morgan Jr.

Is Sonic the Hedegehog dying?

Um.....well, in Sonic 2006, Sonic was killed by Mephiles the Dark, but revived so he's alive and is not, repeat, NOT dying.

Will sonic die in any games that haven't been released?

He died in sonic the hedgehog but he came back alive

Why did that guy kill sonic?

Mephiles The Hedgehog killed Sonic The Hedgehog. :( But don't worry he's alive again. :)