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Idk who cares about runescape World of Warcraft is where its at. I disagree, and i have only figured out how to dye goblin mails. U have to get a dye, right click and click "use" the click on the mail (al done in ur inventory). U will need to do this to complete a member quest, i forget which one. I also can't remember if dying is just member stuff and for that i am sorry. Sicerely, Astro Z11

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Q: How don you dye a stuff in RuneScape?
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What is big dye?

There is no big dye in Runescape.

How do you mix dye in RuneScape?

You use one dye on the other.

What boots can you dye on RuneScape?

There are no boots you can dye, the boots you see colored are from a Runescape town called Canifis. The boots there are members only.

How do you get orange dye in RuneScape?

use a red dye on a yellow dye to get orange dye

What items can you dye on RuneScape?

You can dye, un-decorated capes, goblin-mail ( part of a quest ).runescape is for loosers so sok my b@lls

What can you do on runsceape with dye?

You can dye certain things on runescape. For example you can use some colored dye on a regular cape.

How do you wield a dye in RuneScape?

you cant you can only have it in your inventory

How can you separate blue dye from a cloth?

In runescape, you can't.

How do you dye your at purple on runescape?

At the barber shop in Falador.

Can you make green dye on runescape and if so how?

Green dye is made by combining blue dye and yellow dye, which can both be made from Aggie, the dye maker in Draynor village.

In RuneScape how do you get dye?

you can get dye in runescape by simply going to draynor village from the south then go north until u see a shop with a women in it she sells dye if not try all the stores just i know shes in draynor manner

What is the use of woad leaves in runescape?

To make blue dye.