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you tell whoever works at GameStop that u r selling something and they will take the game and see how much its worth and they will tell and u accept ur money or look for something that is worth wut u sold. Plain and simple

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Q: How does selling games to Gamestop work?
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Do you have to be 18 to buy a console in Gamestop?

Because you are selling games

Does Gamestop flash Xbox 360?

No! gamestop and major retailers do not support getting free games. Gamestop wont flash your xbox then whats the point of them selling games if everyone can get them for free

Does gamestop buy used Playstation 1 games and used Playstation 1s?

No, Gamestop stopped buying/selling PSone games/consoles in 2006.

How much would you get from selling playstation games to gamestop?

for 12 games you get around 14 dollars

How do gamestop gift cards work?

You can use them to buy games or whatever they have at GameStop

How much money will i get if i sell 30 games to gamestop?

It is hard to tell how much a person can get for selling 30 games at Gamestop. It really all depends on ha games you are wanting to sell and what shape they are in.

How much will you get for 8 ps2 games?

About 3-5 dollars if you're selling them to Gamestop.

How much can you get for18 games for ps2 and Wii at gamestop?

Depends on what titles you are selling/trading.

Does gamestop buy original Xbox?

No. The Gamestop franchise has stopped selling (as well as buying) original Xbox games.

How much money will Gamestop give you If you sold ghost recon?

Go to your local GameStop and ask. They should tell you. But, I recommend selling your games somewhere else cause GameStop rips you off anyway.

Are Tony Hawk underground 2 games still selling?

Yes, go to a GameStop and find one there.

Where do you get a Playstation network card?

CVS/Target/Best Buy/Walmart/Meijer/Gas Stations