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I think the only way for cursed seal to get away is the death of orochimaru otherwise.....if orochimaru knows a way ti dismiss it

2. The cursed seal get away when his brother seal orochimaru and his 8 headed snake in this sword that seals anything that it attacks.

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Q: How does sasukes curse mark go away?
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How do you make a curse on you go away?

It doesn't - it's stuck there forever!

How to go Anko in curse mark form?

umm actually, on naruto ultimate ninja 3, you have to be anko and you have to use her ultimate attack on orochimaru, and after that it says "curse mark form" hope i helped :)

How do you get rid of the physics mark curse?

Go to timmies with Parsa and do a special ceremony by binding the lips together

Can sasuke go demon form in Naruto Ultimate Ninja 5?


In naruto is there a level curse mark stage?

Yes there are levels of curse marks. First, the person gets black marks on their body then they go into 2nd stage which makes them a lot more stronger however if their in the state to long they will lose stamina and start to turn into the person that gave them the curse mark.

How do you get out of Vampire's curse island after you finish it?

you go to the main street get on the balloon and get away from that creepy island

How do you unlock cursed mark Sasuke on Naruto clash of ninja revolution 2?

curse mark sasuke is not in this game.only in naruto ultimate ninja (#1).but you can go into that state by using sasukes' 2nd secret technique by pressing the triangle button 2 times and hitting by pressing the O button 1 time.

Where can you play a naruto flash game with curse mark Sasuke?

*u cant ply wen sasuke has curse mark! Sad :'( * what this guy wrote is wrong u can go to yoyo games and seach naruto and click naruto shinobi wars p.s: sasuke lost his curse mark in naruto shippuden with his final fight with the alive itachi when susono made its first apperance with itach the the curse mark revived a naked orochimaru (orochmaru died 2 secs later) :P UR WELCOME

Unlock curse mark sasuke wii?

you go into training and then go to squad tranining. make different teams and use there squad combo move.

In Naruto Clash of Ninja Revolution can Sasuke go into curse mark?

no he cannot i know this because ive tried it with very combo

How do you make the wolf go away in vampires curse in poptropica?

If you are on the rope bridge click the park of the rope that is shaking

What does putting your middle finger up mean?

it is a curse but it mostly means to go away